The future home of “South Carolina First Steps 4K-Kershaw”, also known to Kershaw natives as the “Old Palmetto Bank Building”, is coming along nicely. The purpose of this post is to give Kershaw area residents that ride by this building everyday a peek inside, and bring you all up to speed on the progress that’s being made.

The facility has been completed on the inside, however, the kitchen has not.  That will be coming soon.  The following are things that you will see happening in the days and weeks to come:

• Commercial Kitchen completion, Playground & Parking Lot coming soon.

• Staffing will be underway soon.


• PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER ON THE FIRST STEPS SITE at this time. A date and time will be announced in the future for registration.

• Watch local Newspapers and our FB & website pages for information regarding registration. We will do our best to keep citizens informed.

The Town of Kershaw will not be responsible for the hiring of employees at this facility, or registering children for this program. However, we will post updates as we get those in from SCFS. We are all very excited to see this building put to good use by investing in the future of our children through educating them at an early age right here at home.

For more information regarding SCFS (South Carolina First Steps), the qualification guidelines & general information, please visit their website at:

Again, please do not register your child at this time for the Kershaw location. Dates for registration will be announced at a later date.