K E R S H A W   H E A R T   &   S O U L

Where are we now and what has it done for Kershaw?

What is Community Heart & Soul?

Community Heart & Soul is a four phase, step-by-step process. Developed and field-tested for more than a decade in partnership with small cities and towns (population less than 50,000), Community Heart & Soul has evolved into a proven method for bringing the community together to chart a course forward.

YouTube Video ::: Community Heart & Soul with Lyman Orton, founder

January 2018 - December 2019

Phase 1: Imagine

Kershaw Heart & Soul formed with diverse community leaders who are committed to see Community Heart & Soul through the all 4 phases.  A community coordinator, Dayna Singleton, was then hired to oversee the 2-year grant and team of volunteers.  Overarching goals were created and were the guidelines moving forward to bring awareness, interest and engagement from the community, which is the 29067 zip code, using the Community Network Analysis tool and demographics of Kershaw. 

Kershaw Heart & Soul

Overarching Goals


  1. Communication; Improve communication throughout Kershaw to increase participation and built community.

  2. Youth; Engage our youth in  becoming part of Kershaw's future development.

  3. Young Professionals; Engage youth professionals to find out what economic opportunities would keep them living and working in Kershaw.

  4. Senior Citizens; generate opportunities for senior citizen involvement and inter-generational collaboration to develop Kershaw.

  5. Community Pride; Reignite the sense of community pride throughout Kershaw.

December 2019 - January 2020

Phase 2: Connect

Starting with the Christmas Parade Kershaw Heart & Soul started to circulate surveys asking the community what they loved about Kershaw and what they would change about Kershaw.  A free Pancake Breakfast was held in February 2019 to engage with the community and tell them about Kershaw Heart & Soul.  The next several months, surveys and stories were gathered through community events and personal contact from the Kershaw Heart & Soul team.

Kershaw Heart & Soul looked over the values that were gathered from the 500+ surveys, 200+ stories and the additional 375+ surveys from vetting the draft Heart & Soul Statements and came up with the following:


Kershaw Heart & Soul



Small Town Feel; Kershaw treasures a close-knit, diverse, caring, and safe community, in which people enjoy the simplicity and peacefulness of living in a small town.

Faith-Community Harmony; Kershaw community values the faith heritage and community involvement where people serve and love their neighbors through various ministries and organizations.

Education; Our community values quality local schools and other educational outlets where academics, fine arts, and athletic traditions encourage achievement.

Environment; We treasure Stevens Park and our green spaces that connect us to Kershaw's natural beauty and resources while fostering health and well-being.

Activities; We enjoy engaging in activities and annual events that create community connections for people of all ages.

Local Businesses; We value our downtown and local small businesses who support the community and provide convenient access to necessities and services.

Economic Development; Our community values the support of local foundations, Kershaw's access to affordable housing and the opportunity of future economic development which promote quality of life for all people.

Culture; We value Kershaw’s history and cultural diversity through festivals, events, programs and places, as we acknowledge our past and celebrate our present, for future generations.


January 2020 - May 2020

Phase 3: Plan

Decide which ideas best reflect what matters most and create a plan that ensures action,  both now and long term.

  • Prioritize action ideas to determine what is important to the community.

  • Develop an Action Plan guided by Heart & Soul Statements that captures prioritized ideas.

  • Revisit Community Network Analysis to ensure as many people as possible are included in decision-making, aiming for broad and meaningful participation in developing and evaluating options.

May 2020 - October 2020

Phase 4: Act

Change the way the community takes action by putting resident engagement at the center of decision-making.

  • Adoption of Heart & Soul Statements by city council; incorporation into comprehensive and other plans.

  • Form a Stewardship Team to coordinate with community partners to make actions happen.

  • Continue to apply the principles of Community Heart & Soul in future community endeavors.

  • Celebrate!

 Resource ::: www.communityheartandsoul.org

What kind of changes have happened so far in the community?

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