K E R S H A W  C I T Y  C E M E T E R Y

190 Kirkland Avenue, Kershaw, South Carolina


Water will be turned back ON Mid-March 2021.  

Individual plots can be watered for 1-hour

on Monday and Thursdays ONLY during daylight hours.

This will be strictly enforced!


It is the desire of the Board of Trustees of the Kershaw City Cemetery to make the cemetery a quiet, beautiful resting place for the deceased, where a sense of repose will be obtained by dignified landscape effects on a well maintained lawn.  To secure these effects will require the cooperation of every lot owner.  Everything which would mar the general beauty and harmony of the cemetery must be avoided.  Peace and good order must prevail, plus respect and honor of this place must be maintained at all times.  It is to this end that these rules and relations are made.

  • The Cemetery Manager must be notified before any burials, installations (copings, markers, etc.) are scheduled.

  • Monuments and markers in the new sections of the cemetery must be set at ground level.  Certain designated portions of the older sections of the cemetery have unrestricted monument privileges which permit the erection of monuments or grave markers of any selected size and design.

  • No hedge, fences, not enclosures of any kind will be permitted on or around cemetery lots.

  • No stone (rock or gravel) nor raised corners will be permitted.

  • No trees nor shrubbery are permitted to be planted or added to lots.

  • No ornamental statuary will be permitted on or around cemetery lots.

  • No lighting features will be permitted on or around cemetery lots.

  • Only one flower container for each individual plot is permitted.

  • Families are responsible for cleaning off the grave sites within 7-days of the funeral.  Families may undertake this responsibility themselves or notify the cemetery personnel to perform this task for them.  If old flowers have not been removed from new grave sites within 7-days, the cemetery caretaker will clean off the grave sites.

  • Seasonal flowers and arrangements will be removed by cemetery workers after 45-days, or if they become unsightly prior to that time limit.

  • Individual plots can be watered on Mondays and Thursdays.  Plot owners are allowed an hour of watering time during each of these days during daylight hours.  Hours of usage will be strictly enforced to avoid any irresponsible use of water.  This schedule will be in force throughout the summer months or unless otherwise posted.


Cemetery Manager and Cemetery Board of Trustees

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 472

Kershaw, SC  29067


Town Hall

113 S. Hampton Street

Kershaw, SC  29067

(803) 475-3425

Office Hours @ Town Hall

Friday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

or by Appointment

Kershaw City Cemetery
Thank you for your cooperation in 2020!  We look forward to 2021!

Town of Kershaw

P.O. Box 145

113 S. Hampton Street

Kershaw, SC 29067

(803) 475-6065 

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